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Wheel Stamping Machine

Constantly increasing demands of the railroad industry for traceability of all executed work steps performed require each railroad wheel to be marked with its own serial number and quality features.

With our stamping machines, we can mark railroad wheels in all possible forms and process steps. Through the takeover of Stangl Technik GmbH we also offer spare parts for numerous old machines.

Our machines are optimized for high quality and durability. They are particularly robust and have been in operation in numerous plants worldwide for over 20 years.

The wheel stamping machines (WheSt®) can be divided into two categories: ot WheSt for wheels and WheSt for cold wheels.


Hot stamping

Our stamping machines for marking hot wheels are designed for temperatures up to 1180 °C. A particularly robust stamping head and a special heat protection enable highest quality despite these extreme environmental conditions.

The stamps are controlled either hydraulically or pneumatically. Hydraulic control enables a high stamping speed, as several stamps can be operated simultaneously within fractions of a second. On the other hand, high penetration depths can be realized if required. Pneumatic control, on the other hand, is more cost-effective.


Cold stamping

Our stamping machines for marking cold wheels are designed for temperatures from 20 °C to a maximum of 250 °C.

These stamping machines are designed as robot-controlled pneumatic needle printing machines for stamping numbers, letters and characters according to customer requirements as well as for impressing additional test stamps, day and hour stamps. They enable flexible and cost-effective marking of wheels at the end of the production line.



Hot stamping

  • from 780°C to 1.180°C
  • needle print or symbol stamp
  • in lines, radius or any orientation
  • simple and complex surfaces

Cold stamping

  • from 100 °C to 450 °C (steel)
  • from 20 °C to 250 °C (aluminium)
  • needle dot
  • in lines, radius or any orientation
  • simple and complex surfaces
  • stamping: during standing
  • hardness: max. 400 HB


  • Aluminium Roboter stamping machine
  • Steel roboter stamping machine


Hot stamping


Cold stamping