ReaS is an accurate reading system for stamping characters

Berger Engineering has 30 years of experience in stamping technology. At ReaSy®, we use this know-how for automated character recognition of stamped characters. A special feature of ReaSy is the precise character recognition even on hot steel.

Here, our many years of expertise in the steel and aluminum industry pays off. ReaSy can be used on both cold steel and hot steel at at temperatures up to 1.200°C due to its robust construction. In addition, ReaSy is designed for continuous character recognition of moving rails or slabs. This enables an ideal use of ReaSy in the production of a rolling mill.



BERGER Standards:

  • High accuracy: from 99,50% to 99,97%
  • Temperature: from 0°C to +1200°C
  • Marking types: Alphanumerical letters, etc.
  • Rail speed: from 0 m/s to 8 m/s
  • Detection time: < 0.5 sec
  • Automatic detection of rails
  • Adaptive learning to prevent errors through altering of stamps
  • Fully compatible with the BERGER STEMA®, WheSt® and BiSt
  • Optimized to work under harsh environments


In order to work with various rail speeds and temperatures, ReaSy® is designed in an adaptable way. Based on the situation on site – like railspeed and temperature – ReaSy consists of up to three cameras and one or more LED-systems to ensure optimal lightning to get the best possible images.

We offer two different types with speed up to 4.5m/sec [ReaSy 4.0] or up to 8m/sec [ReaSy 8.0].

ReaSy 4.0 contains one camera and one lightning system[ReaSy 8.0] contains three cameras and three lightning systems. Additionally, based on the temperature of the steel we select the right wavelength of the LED-system.


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