Stamping machines

The steel industry is an important economic factor and forms the foundation of our industry and society. Our stamping machines for the steel industry have been in use worldwide for over 30 years. They are durable and robust, tailored to the harsh environmental conditions. We are continuously improving them and setting new standards in the areas of reliability and dynamism.

Our STEMA® rail stamping machine is the world’s most reliable marking machine for railroad rails. It is used to stamp more than 92% of the railroad rails produced annually worldwide. This makes it by far the most frequently used marking machine for railroad rails. We are proud to be the world market leader in this special area.

Driven by customer requests, we have also built several other stamping machines in recent years, such as stamping machines for railway wheels or slabs and billets. Not least through the takeover of our former competitor Stangl Technik GmbH, we have succeeded in expanding our portfolio further. Today we also offer all stamping machines from Stangl Technik with the quality standards of Berger Engineering.