The highest stacker crane ever built in Switzerland at EMS-Chemie has been put into operation!

The successful commissioning at EMS-Chemie in cooperation with Stöcklin was completed in December 2021! With the help of SEOS® it was possible to design the 45m high stacker crane as a single-mast device in lightweight construction. Through the use of SEOS® it was thus possible to:

  • to save the second mast and to avoid the double mast design
  • therefore to reduce the weight
  • therefore use smaller drives (because of the lower weight)
  • save costs (smaller drives and no second mast)
  • to save energy (permanently in use; less weight and smaller drives)
  • to save cycle time (faster movement without oscillation)

We thank the Stöcklin company for the good cooperation in this lighthouse project and look forward to further projects!