Paint marking machines from Berger Engineering

Our marking machines are used to mark slabs, billets, tubes, profiles and much more. The complete marking machines consist of massive machine components manufactured and tested for the steel industry.

A non-contact multi-nozzle print head is used, which is able to produce a full text of alphanumeric capital letters with a height of 15 mm to 125 mm.

Font size depends on customer requirements and system logic.

Nozzle heads can have up to 15 nozzles, depending on requirements.

Technical parameters:

If there is scale on the surface, it has to be removed mechanically or with steam before marking.

SPRAY can be delivered in two different solutions

  • The material temperatures: 50°C to 1200°C
  • Font size: 15 – 150 mm
  • Nozzles in the marking head: 7 – 15 mm

Carrier marking

Coil marking

Slab marking

Plate marking


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