After successfully equipping the highest stacker crane in Switzerland at EMS-Chemie with our SEOS® software in December 2022, we received two further orders for the installation and commissioning of SEOS® from Stöcklin Logistik.

We would like to thank Stöcklin Logistik for their trust.

ReaSy® is the only reading system for hot and cold steel!

Due to our high technical level in marking and identifying hot steel, we received an order from Trinec on January 16, 2023 to deliver and install our proven ReaSy® reading system.

Tracking with ReaSy for hot products is state of the art for us! The AI enables approx. 100% readability and product tracking!

Trinec’s technical expectations are more than fulfilled with the help of ReaSy!

The successful commissioning at PACKNERS GmbH in cooperation with SIVAplan was completed in record time and handed over to the customer on 9 May 2022!

Due to the boom in the mail order business during Corona, the orders of the corrugated board producer PACKNERS also increased. This boom led to a bottleneck in the high-bay warehouse. An expansion of the warehouse was not feasible due to the spatial conditions and also structural obstacles. In addition, structural measures could not be implemented at short notice and at low cost. Therefore, the decision was made in favour of our SEOS® software, which can be quickly integrated into existing systems. With the help of SEOS®, PACKNERS was able to increase warehouse throughput and alleviate the bottleneck in the high-bay warehouse. This clears the way to supply even more corrugated board to meet the increased demand.

Our company received the order from PACKNERS GmbH in cooperation with SIVAplan for the installation and commissioning of SEOS® on March 14th, 2022.

Thanks to our algorithms and programs, the customer will no longer have any vibrations in the stacker cranes and will have enormous time and energy cost savings.

We would like to thank Packners and SIVAplan for their trust in our mathematics!

The highest stacker crane ever built in Switzerland at EMS-Chemie has been put into operation!

The successful commissioning at EMS-Chemie in cooperation with Stöcklin was completed in December 2021! With the help of SEOS® it was possible to design the 45m high stacker crane as a single-mast device in lightweight construction. Through the use of SEOS® it was thus possible to:

  • to save the second mast and to avoid the double mast design
  • therefore to reduce the weight
  • therefore use smaller drives (because of the lower weight)
  • save costs (smaller drives and no second mast)
  • to save energy (permanently in use; less weight and smaller drives)
  • to save cycle time (faster movement without oscillation)

We thank the Stöcklin company for the good cooperation in this lighthouse project and look forward to further projects!

On May 3rd, 2021, our company received the order from Stöcklin for the installation and commissioning of SEOS® at EMS-Chemie.
We thank Stöcklin for the confidence in our know-how and our skills.
We look forward to continued good and successful cooperation with Stöcklin and EMS-Chemie!

After our SEOS® software went into operation in the new warehouse of Bell Schweiz AG in spring 2020, the retrofit of the existing warehouse with new stacker cranes from Stöcklin has now been completed. We would like to thank the experts of our customer Stöcklin Logistik AG for the excellent cooperation.

In the existing warehouse, storage and retrieval machines from another manufacturer were originally installed, which, due to their height of 20m, were equipped with anti-sway drives to prevent mast vibrations. As before in the new warehouse, the four new devices in the existing warehouse were all equipped with the innovative SEOS software solution. This is why anti-sway drives are no longer required with the new devices. Saving the anti-sway drives enables faster commissioning, easier maintenance and, of course, significantly lower acquisition costs as well as permanently lower maintenance costs. We therefore assume that in the future more and more old systems will be retrofitted with which these savings can be achieved.

The commissioning with our SEOS® software for a new extension of the warehouse of Bell Schweiz AG in Oensingen was successfully completed. Thanks to the good cooperation with the experts of our customer Stöcklin Logistik AG, the entire commissioning of the warehouse with three devices including system tests was implemented in only two days.

The system is a small parts warehouse with an overall height of 21m. Normally, competitors equip such high devices with an anti-pendulum drive to prevent mast vibrations. Thanks to the innovative SEOS software solution, these additional drives are no longer needed. This enables faster commissioning, easier maintenance and of course significantly lower purchase costs and permanently lower maintenance costs.

Further commissioning with our software SEOS® at Tönnies Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG was successfully completed. The installation was again under demanding conditions during operation. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with Tönnies’ technical and maintenance department as well as SIVAplan’s competent RBG specialists, the installation was completed smoothly and in record time despite the challenging conditions.

The stacker cranes in the fresh warehouse are in continuous use for 6.5 days a week under the toughest conditions. In order to increase the performance of the fresh warehouse and to generate throughput reserves for necessary maintenance measures, the software SEOS was used in a retrofit project. Already last year, the first storage and retrieval machines of the fresh warehouse were equipped with SEOS during operation. After the company Tönnies had intensively evaluated the performance figures with SEOS, they were so satisfied with the use of our award-winning software that they wanted to equip all remaining stacker cranes with SEOS. We are proud that this extensive performance test was rewarded with a follow-up order, and we thank Tönnies for their trust.

Numerous national and international visitors came to our booth again this year at the world trade fair for intralogistics in Stuttgart. Not only existing customers wanted to find out about the latest developments of our software SEOS®. Also many new prospective customers were with us this year at the stand, who had already dealt with the topic in part astonishingly well in advance. We say thank you for the exciting discussions!