We are very pleased to have won the Japanese steel producer Nippon Steel Yawata Works as a new customer. After our successful cooperation with JFE Steel Corporation from Japan, we can further expand our activities in Japan. We also thank our representative, Mr. Takahiko Amanuma, for their excellent on-site support.

In order to enable standardized stamping for domestic as well as foreign products, we will again supply a STEMA® JU33, as already for JFE. A system for switching between domestic and foreign symbols is also included. As usual in Japan, high quality and reliability requirements are placed on us, and we are proud to be able to meet these high requirements.

On 07.05.2019 the contract with Nippon Steel Yawata Works was signed and already in the summer of 2020 the second rail stamping machine will be put into operation in Japan, more precisely in Kitkyushu City. We are pleased about this order and thank you for the trust.