The STEMA® 1074 (rail stamping machine 1074) was delivered in 2020 and could not be put timely into operation due to Corona!

After the successful installation by our customer, NIPPON Steel, the commissioning was carried out together with the specialists from NIPPON this year!

With the signing of the FAT protocol, the project was successfully completed and the rail stamping machine was handed over to the customer!

We would like to thank our Japanese customer for their trust and the collegial cooperation!

Our managing director, Ing. Bruno Berger, signed the contract (1205) with TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY for the delivery and installation of the rail stamping machine STEMA® JU15 Czech Republic.

The STEMA® JU15 will be delivered to our customer TŘINECKÉ in March 2023 and installed in the rail rolling mill. Commissioning and handover will take place in April 2023!

We look forward to a good and successful co-operation with our business partners!

A new contract was signed today with SMS Group.

Berger Engineering will supply the STEMA® JU22 rail stamping machine for SMS project in Egypt next year. The STEMA® will be delivered in September 2022 and put into operation in 2023.

We would like to thank SMS Group for the trust they have shown us for over 20 years!

We are very proud to announce that we signed the contract for the construction and delivery of the STEMA® JU 11 for JSC EVRAZ Consolidated West-Siberian steel plant on November 10, 2021. After our already successful cooperation with Mechel Steel from Russia, we can thus further expand our activities in Russia.

The STEMA® will be delivered to Russia in August 2022. We look forward to a good cooperation with our customer EVRAZ ZSMK and thank our representative, the company Techno Logistik, represented by Mr. Andrej Prudnikov, for the excellent support on site.

On October 25th, 2021 the specialists of the end customer EVRAZ from Pueblo (USA) as well as the specialists from Danieli successfully accepted the stamping machine STEMA® JU17!

Under the direction of the project manager Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Berger, all acceptance tests were carried out successfully, as expected, so that delivery will take place on schedule.

The STEMA® JU17 rail stamping machine will be shipped to the end customer EVRAZ in Pueblo (USA) this year!

We thank Danieli and EVRAZ for the trust and the good cooperation!

Last week BERGER Engineering received a purchase order for a new STEMA® JU 17 from Danieli. We thank our costumer Danieli again for the continued trust in our company as in the previous years of cooperation.

The rail stamping machine will be shipped at the end of this year to the end costumer EVRAZ North America in Pueblo, Colorado. At a speed of up to 6 m/s, it will mark 100-meter-long premium-quality rails of the most modern rail rolling mill in North America. It has a production capacity of 670,000 short tons and the rails will be manufactured according to AREMA specifications.

More information:

The decisive factors for the buying decision were the references and the know-how of Berger Engineering with rail stamping machines. The stamping machine STEMA is by far the worlds most used and most reliable marking machine for rails. We look forward to commissioning in the USA next year!

After installation and commissioning, the FAT was successfully completed and the rail stamping machine was handed over to the customer!

The STEMA®-JU15 stamps the rails at a temperature of 780 °C to 950 °C.

Up to 30 rails with a length of up to 160 m are stamped per hour and the maximum rail speed is 6 m/s.

Now 2 STEMA®-JU15 are installed in WUHAN Steel to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

We would like to thank the WISCO team for the collegial cooperation!

Successful commissioning of the STEMA®-JU 15 rail stamping machine:

Despite Corona, the JU 15 rail stamping machine was successfully installed and commissioned at Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Ltd. in Wuhan (China) in December 2020.

The preparation was very difficult and almost inhuman due to the pandemic. Nevertheless we have also successfully put the 2nd STEMA® into operation at WISCO.

The rail stamping machine is equipped with the latest technology, so that the stamp pressure is regulated and controlled via the rail temperature.

We would like to thank our customer for the successful and future-oriented cooperation.

The commissioning of our character recognition software ReaSy® at BONATRANS in the Czech Republic was successfully completed.

At the BONATRANS production plant, the character recognition software ReaSy® is used for automated verification of the stamping of railroad wheels. With the help of ReaSy it is possible to automate this quality assurance process.

ReaSy reads the characters on the up to 1.180 °C hot railroad wheels directly after stamping. The complete recognition and image processing is done in less than 0.5 seconds, which further reduces the cycle time of the production and reduces labor costs.

The STEMA® JU 33 rail stamping machine for our Japanese customer NIPPON Steel was tested for over a week after completion, during which all functions and work processes were simulated. All tests in the area of ​​CFT and CRT were 100% successful!

The STEMA JU33 was released after successful completion of the test and sent to our customer in Japan!

We look forward to the installation and commissioning with our customer in KITAKYUSHU CITY, FUKUOKA PREFECTURE, JAPAN.

See you in Japan!