Rail Stamping Machines from Berger Engineering

We are the leading company for the production of rail stamping machines.

Because of the specialization on marking machines and stamping machines für railway rails, metro rails and crane rails we succeeded in getting the leadership for this kind of technology.

With always new developments like first stamping disc or first magazine disc for rail stamping machines with robotics in change of characters we succeeded to get the awards from the state owned railway companies.

We are inventor for continuously rail stamping with continuously change of characters, which you can see in European and US Patents!

In almost all countries our rail stamping machine is installed and those rail stamping machines stamp more than 85% of the world production.



Rail stamping machines for quality assurance based on the following standards:

International standards:

  • EN 13674-1 (2003 + 2011)
  • AREMA (2010)
  • GOST TU 0921-231-01124323-2014
  • GOST R 51685-2000
  • Chinese GB 350
  • GB2585-2007 Standard
  • Chinese TB/T2344-2012
  • Chinese TB/T3276-2011
  • GST Indian Standard
  • TRSJR (Technical Regulatory Standards on Japanese Railways) 2012
  • JIS (Japan Industry Standard)
  • TU 0921-231-01124323-2014
  • AREA
  • VIC 860
  • IRS
  • British Standart
  • Iran Standart

BERGER Standards for rail stamping machines:

  • Highest stamping quality and readability of rail stamping (100 %)
  • Highest reliability and safety of stamping machines
  • Shortest maintenance time on changing the stamping disc
  • Highest durability
  • Temp. of the rail: up to 1200 °C
  • Rail speed: max. 6 m/s
  • Number of characters: max. 25
  • Standard size: JU 10, JU 15, JU 20, JU 25
  • Automatic rail following system
  • Automatic character changing system
  • Host connection for automatic data transfer
  • Best technology
  • Highest development status
  • Inventor for rail stamping machine


Series JU

Standard sizes of rail stamping machines:

JU 10 …….10 characters in total …..1 character = high speed
JU 15 …….15 characters in total …..1 character = high speed
JU 20 …….20 characters in total …..1 character = high speed

Series PRO

This new type of rail stamping machines can be delivered from June 2016

Series X-PRO

This type of rail stamping machines can be delivered in our standard program from year 2017

Technical specification

  • Rail temp.: 790-1200°C (below 780°C capillary cracks are possible)
  • Rail speed: max 5.0 m/s (changing 1 character)
    max 6.0 m/s (without changing the characters)
  • 25 stamping characters (symbols) in one line – increasing possible
  • Changing all characters =   60 sec
  • Changing 1 character     =  0.80 sec
  • First stamping                 =  1.5 – 2.5 m
  • Minimum distance between 2 stamps =  4.50 m (dependent on the rail speed)
rail stamping machine
rail stamping machine
rail stamping machine


Unit 000

Unit 000 of rail marking machine includes the whole rail stamping machine with technique of measurement, switch cabinets, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Unit 020

Unit 020 is a solid, high dynamic and static mechanical engineering and consists of base frame, driving frame and swivel frame.

Unit 021

Unit 021 describes the driving unit which brings the driving frame and with it the stamping disc in the right stamping position.

Unit 025

Unit 025, brake keeps the stamping head during rail stamping always in fixed position, so that the range of tolerance cannot be exceeded.

Unit 030

Unit 030, automatic magazine, which is protected by patent, has 88 up to 128 parking positions and robotic grippers for changing the stamping characters in the stamping disc. The grippers can be shifted over 3 axes and compensate tolerance up to 1 mm by themselves.

Unit 040

Unit 040 swivel arm: adjustment range 0° – 120°
Automatic swivel frame including swivel mechanics for the proper angularity during stamping process

Unit 050

Unit 050, stamping head is the centerpiece of the complete stamping machine (with motors, gear, slip ring, cooling system, distribution system).

Unit 051

Unit 051, stamping disc is the precision highlight of the stamping machine. In the stamping disc is a revolver magazine with 12 symbols, which can change one symbol in 0.8 s. Thereby it is not important in which direction or in which sequence will be changed.

Unit 052

Unit 052, fast changing system, which is protected by patent, changes the individual stamping symbols and stamping characters in the stamping disc in 0.8 s.


Unit 060

The Speed Laser (Doppler Laser) is a high tech measurement product which measures the speed and the length of the rail.

Unit 080

Unit 080 includes the whole measuring system of position measurement with laser, infrared sensor und height control system.

Unit 200

It describes the whole pneumatics of the rail stamping machine including cooling system and pneumatic control system of measuring roll and magazine and so on.

Unit 300

The whole hydraulic system with the positioning cylinders and the stamping cylinders as well as the fast changing cylinders was developed and designed in co-operation with Bosch Rexroth!

Unit 400

Unit 400 describes the switch cabinets with complete electrical and electronical equipment, as f. e. frequency converter, CPU, SPS and so on.



Play video  – first stamp


Play video – workshop test (cold run test)


Play video 1 – stamping 5,5 m/s

Play video 2 – stamping+changing

Play video 3  – stamping 6 m/s



Play video – first gripper test


Play video – stamping


Play video 1 – stamping 1

Play video 2 – stamping 2


Play video 1 – workshop test (changing)

Play video 2 – stamping



Play video – first stamping

Baotou II

Play video – first stamp (- 28º C)

Baotou I

Pangang III

Pangang II

Play video 1 – first stamp

Play video 2 – old + young STEMA

Play video 3 – stamping

Pangang I


Play video – whole production


Play video – first machine