Successful commissioning of ReaSy at ArcelorMittal Poland

In May 2019, we successfully commissioned an automatic reading system for stamps ReaSy® at our customer ArcelorMittal in Poland. We thank the technical team of ArcelorMittal for their confidence and good cooperation!

ReaSy (abbreviation for Reading System) recognizes and automatically identifies stamped symbols on hot and cold products, e.g. rails, wheels, billets, or similar. At our customer ArcelorMittal, the system was used to identify rails in front of a test facility. After passing through this test facility, each rail receives a test certificate, which is issued according to the stamp number of the rail. So far, an operator manually typed in the stamp number in the plant control system. On the one hand, this manual operation costs time and money, on the other hand it slows down the entire process and reduces the throughput of the system.

With ReaSy, the stamp number can now be read fully automatically. In contrast to manual reading, the rail does not even have to be stopped – ReaSy 4.0 is able to read the characters at a rail speed of up to 4.0 m/s. In addition, the reading result is available in less than 0.5 seconds. This tremendous improvement eliminates any labor, cuts time and costs, while increasing throughput and therefore overall plant productivity.

This improvement is made possible with newest software methods. With these we achieved a reading accuracy of 99.4% (!) at our customer. This very high accuracy is unique in the industry so far. Read more under the following link: